Women are like dogs that eat their own puke: A lesson in tolerance from Red Pill Redditors | we hunted the mammoth


TW : misogynie intense. Pas émanant de l’article que je mets en lien, mais son sujet. Des… comment dire… des connards de PUA qui se congratulent joyeusement de leur haine des femmes. Enfin, haine… Non, ces gens ne considèrent pas les femmes comme des êtres humains, c’est pire. Mais comme des objets sexuels, ennuyeux, incapables de réfléchir (comme les hommes le peuvent, eux). Ce sont des créatures enfantines, des récompenses, des servantes, des animaux de compagnie.

Envie de vomir.

Morceaux choisis :

I used to be annoyed that girls were never philosophical, but Sometimes you just want to live in the moment and stop being so cynical. They have a childlike wonder that I will never have again.

Personally I think if you deny yourself the experience of the feminine you are doing yourself great discredit. The masculine exists to drive innovation, progress. It is the embodiment of discipline, the only effective tool at shaping the universe according to your own will, your own desires. The feminine is our reward for doing so. It provides a safe harbor, a place of refuge from the toils of life.