#1122; In which a Man Drowns, David Malki

Comic strip de David Malki.

Marrant, ça me rappelle quelque chose…


— (Drowning man) Help! Please help me up!

— (Man #1) I shan’t! I know you wet people! It’s just a ploy to get me close so you can pick my pocket! Besides, you probably fell in of your own accord! How are you to learn to stay dry if I help you?

— (Drowning man) Someone pushed me in… I was once as dry as you!

— (Man #1) A likely story. If you don’t admit your own faults, how will you ever improve? Just get up! It doesn’t look deep.

— (Drowning man) I twisted my ankle when I fell. Just a hand for a moment, please…

— (Man #1) I’d rather let a hundred men drown than accidentally help one whose misfortune is justified. If there is the slightest chance that you brought this condition upon yourself, you deserve to sit there.

— (Man #2) Water vagrant. This lake used to be nice.

— (Man #1) Miserable. Someone should do something for the poor creatures.